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No. 23 - Duet - Militza and Duke - "Disguises."


Militza: We've got to adopt a disguise
To effect our escape from the town,
Duke: I think dressing up would be wise
If we want to avoid dressing down.
Militza: Though a Moorish disguise you may quiz,
Let us be Orientals because
I can figure as Abdul Aziz,
Duke: And I can be Abdul as was!
Both: Ah Dubec and Melachrino
Salomone and Gluckstino!
Fit for a Sultan, or for Rajah!
Trichinopoly Cherooty,
Nestor and Egyptian Beauty,
Black Cat, Flore de Cabbaja!
Duke: As a great operatic artiste
I'll escape from the Anarchist host,
Militza: I'll be Tetrazzini at least
Duke: I have got Moody Manners at most!
Militza: I can sing a top note of the best
And my B is an absolute boom!
Duke: I am great when I throw out my chest
If I only have some Melba-room!
Both: Opera Italiano!
High tenore, sweet soprano!
Pagliacci, Tosti, Verdi!
Saffronillo, hurdy-gurdy!
Grind organo in a wrong key,
Spare a copper for the monkey!
Duke: How cold this little hand!
Militza: I cannot find the limelight.
Duke: Die Walküre!
Militza: Die Götterdämmerung,
  Elsa I love thee!

No. 24 - Finale


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