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Princess Caprice is a "comedy with music", in three acts, with music by Leo Fall. The book was adapted by Alexander M. Thompson from Fall's operetta Der liebe Augustin by Rudolf Bernauer and Ernst Welisch.

Produced at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London on May 11th, 1912.

Dramatis Personæ

JASOMIR   (Steward to Princess Helen) Mr. Courtice Pounds
NICOLA   (Prince of Micholics) Mr. Fred Leslie
AUGUSTIN HOFER   (a Music Master) Mr. Harry Welchman
GJURO   (Prime Minister of Thessalia) Mr. George Hestor
  (Officers of the Thessalian Army) {
Mr. Charles Chamier
Mr. Frank Wyatt, Jun.
Mr. Nelson Keys
MATHÆUS   (Lay Brother of the Convent) Mr. Alfred Clark
SIGILOFF   (a Head Bailiff) Mr. George Elton
PASPERDU   (Banker) Mr. Campbell Bishop
  (of the Diplomatic Corps) {
Mr. Louis Victor
Mr. Arthus Ashdowne
Mr. Victor Tollemache
Mr. Ivan Leslie
Mr. Boris Bellew
Mr. Arthur Stroud
BOGUMIL   (the Regent of Thessalia) Mr. George Graves
PRINCESS CLEMENTINE   (Sister of Prince Nicola) Miss Cicely Courtneidge
  (Servant Maids at the Palace) {
Miss Hope Charteris
Miss May Etheridge
Miss Olive Wade
Miss Margaret Swallow
Miss Cissy Debenham
  (Ladies of the Court) {
Miss Muriel Varna
Miss Doris Vinson
Miss Kathleen Hayes
ANNA   (Daughter of Jasomir) Miss Marie Blanche
PRINCESS HELEN   (Niece of the Regent) Miss Clara Evelyn

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   A Room in the Palace of Thessalia.

  • No. 1 - Opening Chorus - "Rouse up! Rouse up! And open wide your doors, or else we'll smash them! .. Locks, bolts and bars .. We will deride, and to the deuce..."
  • No. 2 - Song - Augustin - "Mm.. mm.. mm..  Take your time, that is my philosophy, for frantic haste is foolish waste, so wisdom teaches me..."
  • No. 3 - Duet - Helen and Augustin - "A music-master once I knew whose hands about the keyboard flew;  his taking ways none could resist ... Romantic ..."
  • No. 4 - Concerted Number - "Great sire, with wrath and with anger fierce we burn;  the deferential worm at times will turn, and we are out for mutiny today..."
  • No. 5 - Finale Act I - "There lived an old, old king once;  sad was his heart and white his hair, and foolishly he wedded a maiden young and fair..."

ACT II   -   The Throne Room in the Palace.

  • No. 6 - Opening Chorus - "Though yesterday His Highness arriv'd incognito, with deep, official slyness, of course we did not know!  'Twas politic deception..."
  • No. 7 - Trio - Anna, Augustin and Jasomir - "Anna, what's wrong now with you?  Anna, come with us, now do!  For if you don't... I shan't, I won't! .. You've got to go!"
  • No. 8 - Duet - Anna and Nicola - "Louis Quatorze, so runs the story, loved the pretty La Valière, but her goodness was her glory, as became a maiden fair. ..."
  • No. 9 - Song - Clementine and Chorus - "I am a little lady of the ancient French nobility, so treat me with civility, Messieurs and Mesd'moiselles..."
  • No. 10 - Duet - Helen and Augustin - "I know a little country inn hard by, with arbours green, and bowers dim and darkling ... with seats and tables open to the sky."
  • No. 11 - March - Pips, Bogumil and Officers - "At eight, elate, as each his goblet sips, we'll wink, and drink a brimming cup to pouting lips ... tonight, all right..."
  • No. 12 - Finale Act II - "With hearts all palpitating, the ladies of your suite all eagerly are waiting to curtsey at your feet; restraining our emotion in manner dignified."

ACT III   -   A Monastery, formerly the Home of the Princes of Thessalia.

Additional items:

  • No. 19 - Song - Helen - "As the course of true love never yet ran smooth, 'tis my endeavour to accept what fate may send me;  let the best or worst attend me..."
  • No. 20 - Song - Jasomir - "Many, many years ago, as a gay Lothorio, free and easy, slim and slender, young and active, I had love affairs galore..."
  • No. 21 - Song - Gjuro - "There are all sorts of people I'm sure you can't doubt that the country could well do without.  There are nuisances ev'rywhere..."
  • No. 22 - Song - Anna and Chorus - "I was born to rule, I know it,  ev'ry instinct goes to show it.  I'm a Cleopatra wasted.  It's a shame. ... It's a shame..."

Princess Caprice was featured in "The Playgoer and Society" Volume VI, No. 33.

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