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No. 22 - Duet - Babori and Girdle - "Under and Over Forty."


Babori: When a man is young, under thirty-five,
He is handsomer, stronger and sounder;
And he bounds with joy that he's all alive,
Girdle: And in fact he's a perfect bounder!
When a man is over his fortieth year,
By experience he can profit,
And he knows what's what, and his head is clear,
Babori: So it is, for the hair is off it!
Under forty orders dry champagne,
Girdle: Over forty takes a whisky plain,
Babori: Under forty with "no trumps" begins.
Girdle: Over forty doubles him and wins.
Both: Over, under, which is it I wonder,
Which would you rather be?
Girdle's words: A youth so slim
who is just like him,
Or a deep old dog like me,
A deep old dog like me?
Babori: When the young man goes to the play one night,
He thinks that the stage is Heaven,
And he loves the heroine dressed in white,
Girdle: She is not over fifty-seven.
But the elder sees a girl on the stage
Who has never a line to utter,
And she's only seventeen years of age,
Babori: And as dull as bread and butter!
Under forty is a young man's way,
Girdle: Goes to Music Halls to see ballet.
Jumps inside and then the door is slamm'd.
Babori: Under forty murmurs "well I'm ****!"
Both: Over, under, which is it I wonder,
Which has the finest spree?
Babori's words: A bald old chap
who should wear a cap,
Or a fine young man like me,
A fine young man like me?

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