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La Cigale, an English version of La Cigale et la Fourmi by Edmond Audran with new text by F. C. Burnand and Gilbert à Beckett and additional music by Ivan Caryll, was produced at the Lyric Theatre, London, on 9 October 1890.

Dramatis Personæ

MATTHEW VANDERKOOPEN   (Uncle to Marton and Charlotte) Mr. Lionel Brough
WILLIAM Mr. E. W. Garden
VINCENT KNAPPS Mr. Michael Dwyer
CAVALIER Mr. John Peachey
CURFEW WATCH Mr. Francis Barnard
MENDICANT Mr. George Mudie
CHARLOTTE   (Cousin to Marton) Miss Effie Clements
CATHERINE   (her Aunt) Miss Adelaide Newton
ROSINA Miss Florence Melville
MANETTA Miss Ellis Jeffreys
MARTON Miss Geraldine Ulmar
(Dancers from the Opera at Bruges) {
Miss Ethel Carlington
Miss Mabel Love
Miss Gwynne
Miss Lillie Comyns
Miss Brenhard
Miss Jannette Desborough

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Old Home (near Bruges).

  • Introduction
  • No. 1 - Opening Chorus - "The wedding's done, these two are one, a merry fortune mates them, a happy life as man and wife verily now awaits them..."
  • No. 2 - Children's Chorus - "Hey boys! gay boys, shout hurrah!  Wedding day, boys, hip! hurrah!  Bless the wedding days we sing that lollipops and sweeties bring."
  • No. 3 - Song - Charlotte, William and Chorus - "In the days of yore the insect world had speech,  the story's true, though you may not believe it, and ev'ry golden..."
  • No. 4 - Quartett (for strings)
  • No. 5 - Song - Marton - "Ah! la, la, la, la.." etc.  "Ah!  listen to the Summer song, with new life all is thrilling,  Summer entrancing, sets Nature dancing..."
  • No. 6 - Duet - Marton and Vincent - "Why not begin at the beginning, that is the way I recommend;  If you would win what is worth winning, start! and you may..."
  • No. 7 - Duet - Vincent and Marton - "In chorus join'd all the birds from the glade, the hill and the woodland filling, with bright and merry trilling.  I hear them sing..."
  • No. 8 - Song - Marton - "Uncle mine! pray do not doubt me, from my heart these words I mean, surely the stage cannot do without me, I mean to be of the Op'ra..."
  • No. 9 - Song - Frantz - "Better for her and me had we met never, than sever'd be, now and for ever.  Dare I a falsehood tell, would she believe me? ..."
  • No. 10 - Picnic Chorus - "At a picnic we are so jolly!  Jesting, resting in shade or sun;  we can rollick, enjoying folly, gambol, frolic, no end of fun! ..."
  • No. 11 - Chorus - "Dance while we sing, la, la!  Care off we fling! La!  La, la, la!  La, la, la!  La, la, la!  La, la!   La, la, la!  La, la, la!  Dance while we're singing..."
  • No. 12 - Song - Marton and Chorus - "One day Margot went for a row.  She fell right into the river, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!  Poor dear Margot, river, river, oh! ..."
  • No. 13 - Finale - "Farewell!  Farewell!  As I see you are bent on the stage, ev'ry hope to dissuade you I feel would be vain;  you will fly like a bird from the cage..."
  • No. 14 - La Gloria - Frantz, Marton and Chorus - "Ah, let's drink to La Gloria, the rising star;  Let's drink to La Gloria, success to the rising star!  To La Gloria..."

ACT II   -   Fair and Market Place at Bruges.

  • No. 15 - Market Chorus - "Bells for our fête are ringing, the bells for our fête are ringing;  gaily in steeples swinging, gaily in steeples swinging..."
  • No. 16 - Song - Frantz - "Trifle not with love, for love that's born of Heaven descends from realms above to mortals freely given!  Dare not profane the shrine..."
  • No. 17 - Concerted Piece - "Hearts are full of joy and gladness, joy-bells ringing loud;  drive far off all sadness from the noisy, happy crowd,  O, day set free..."
  • No. 18 - Gavotte Song - Marton and Chorus - "Mother dear, the violin I hear,  now to dance the Gavotte us inviting.  No, my child no! 'tis the Minuet I know well..."
  • No. 19 - Duet - Marton and Charlotte - "Good Santa Claus, our needs discerning, choicest gifts to us you bring;  children we, best thanks returning, hail you..."
  • No. 20 - Quartet - Charlotte, Marton, William and Vincent - "Too little foresight you are showing, pray put by for a rainy day ... What is it?  What have you to say?"
  • No. 21 - Duet - Marton and Frantz - "'Tis said that you have play'd me false - nay, listen first to me, and then you can reply.  Sweet hope would fly my heart..."
  • No. 22 - Trio - Marton, Frantz and Duke - "Excuse me, La Diva, I pray for taking this soldier away ... You take him away! ... I take him away!  I take him away!..."
  • No. 23 - Finale Act II - "Early the fete, the children wait, again we are girls, we are girls and boys with dolls and toys and plenty of noise, which ev'ry child enjoys..."

ACT III   -   Interior of the Ducal Palace.

  • No. 24 - Passe Pied - "Dance and let all in these halls be gay,  night we'll turn into day.  Let us be gay!  Let us be gay!  Vanish all darkness and sorrow..."
  • No. 25 - Gavotte
  • No. 26 - Romance - Frantz - "List to me, the truth forgive, my heart is speaking,  'tis so unruly La Gloria I love fondly and truly.  Losing her love, I cannot live..."
  • No. 27 - Concerted Piece & Song - Marton - "My good friends, I had hoped with a surprise to greet you. I trusted our great songstress would come and meet you..."
  • No. 28 - Dream, and Song - Marton - "Mmmm...   My dear old home of bygone years, shall I at home forget my tears, my home so sweet, my dear old home..."
  • No. 29 - Chorus - "Santa Claus, to the house rewarding girls and boys, ever brings lovely things, delightful dolls and toys!  Santa Claus in the house remaining..."
  • No. 30 - Finale Act III - "Oh, day of joy, of summer bloom, roses around flinging perfume;  Singing a lay, sorrow has flown; dreams of bliss are now our own..."

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