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No. 5 - Song - Nancy - "The Dancing Mistress"


Nancy: When I was a little lass,
Being educated,
I enjoyed the dancing class,
Which the others hated.
There the master came from France,
And he told us daily,
"Dance, my children, always dance,
Life will then go gaily!"
So I've always kept the rule
That I learnt at school.
For if you want to be gay,
That is the very best way
It's my experience, so I am not romancing;
You do a pirouette light,
And things come round again right.
For life goes merrily if you can keep on dancing!
  Now I teach the other girls,
Like my good old master,
How to do the steps and twirls,
Slow and fast, and faster!
And I find it is a task
There are many woes in,
When I have to ask and ask,
"Please don't turn your toes in!"
That's the smallest of their faults
When they want to waltz.
But still I try to be gay,
For that's the very best way
Though it is wonderful how slowly they're advancing;
I do the step again, so,
Until they all of them know,
And all goes merrily when I can keep them dancing!
  Though I'm dancing now alone,
I could manage nicely
With a partner of my own
Suiting me precisely!
Someone who will step and glide
With an art so clever,
I may think that by his side
I could dance for ever!
And if he should think so too,
That's what we will do!
And then my life will be gay,
For that's the very best way
When there are both of us to take what may be chancing;
And when we go up the aisle
In matrimonial style,
The dear old Wedding March is sure to set us dancing!

No. 6 - The Dancing Lesson


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