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Dear Little Denmark is described as "a Danish musical incident in two acts". Lyrics, and music are by Paul A. Rubens. It was produced by Frank Curzon at the Prince of Wales' Theatre, London, on 1 September 1909.

Dramatis Personæ

KARL (his Nephew and Heir, Hon. Col. of Body-guard) Mr. C. Morton Horne
CONRAD PETERSEN (A Bell Founder) Mr. Bertram Wallis
SIMON JORGENSEN (Burgomaster of Falsternore) Mr. John Clulow
JONAS JENSEN Mr. A. W. Baskcomb
  (Apprenticed to Hansen, and Professional Letter Writer)
SERGEANT OHLS (of the Duke's Body-Guard) Mr. Fred W. Ring
CHAMBERLAIN (to the Duke) Mr. Warwick Wellington
ROBINS (an English Butler) Mr. J. Dornan
TOWN CRIER Mr. Iago Lewys
NEILS (a Clockmaker) Mr. J. B. Fraser
HANS HANSEN (Official Clock Winder to the Town of Falsternore) Mr. Huntley Wright
OPHELIA (a Native of Jutland - Servant to the Burgomaster) Miss Gracie Leigh
XANDRA (The Duke's Daughter) Miss Hazel Dawn
ADELINE (Principal Genee Girl) Miss Peggy Bethel
ELSA (Principal Dancer) Miss Phyllss Monkman
CHRISTINE (Daughter of the Burgomaster) Miss Isabel Jay

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Outside the Public Park at Falsternore, a small town on the coast of Denmark.

ACT II -   The Duke's Castle at Copenhagen (14 days later).

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