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No. 3 - Song - "I hereby do reqire"

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Shelton: I hereby do require and command you both to cease
From acts deserving strongest reprobation,
And I formally give notice to all here to keep the peace,
Whatever their degree may be or station;
Whether ultimate proceedings may arise, I cannot say!
That is food for magisterial digestion!
But I like to do my duty in a quiet sort of way,
And to start with protestation and suggestion.
I call on all
Here present to assist me;
My wrath shall fall
On all who dare resist me.
Girls: He calls...
Men: Ha! ha!
Girls: on all
Men: Ha! ha!
All: Here present to assist him.
Girls: Now great
Men: Now great
Girls: and small,
Men: and small,
All: Take courage and resist him.
Mrs. Shelton: Here's a pretty state of things
with Her Majesty in sight,
And no one here is man enough to stop it;
And I fancy that it wants, if idle vagabonds must fight,
Something better than a man to make them drop it.
Now out upon ye both, ye silly saucy brawling knaves,
To your hearts there's little use in my appealing;
But I'll soon restore the peace,
come, give me up your staves,
Let me see if in your heads there's any feeling!
Take that! and that!
For fighting's not your calling,
Mind what you're at,
I'll cure you both of brawling.
Girls: Rat tat!
Men: Ha! ha!
Girls: Rat tat!
Men: Ha! ha!
All: The blows with force are falling,
Girls: Mind what...
Men: Rat tat!
Girls: you're at,
Men: Rat tat!
All: She'll cure you both of brawling.

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