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No. 21 - Chorus of Beefeaters

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Beefeaters: In many climes across the foreign land and sea,
Where-e'er the British flag has been unfurled,
Our Queen we've served,
And well deserved,
A little dignity with ease
Now we have conquer'd half the world!
No longer foremost in the ranks we lead the way,
As gallant champions of our country's might
We've had our share,
And much to spare!
So now the other dogs can have their day.
For now we take our ease and make the traitor
tremble as about the town we go,
For well he knows
That when he shows
His knavish face
About the place
A thousand loyal men will meet the foe!
Old England still can traitor foes defy,
And on a million sturdy arms rely-
While we her sons can fight or die
"Long live Her Majesty!"

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