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Dramatis Personæ

SIR JOHN BANTAM ("The Squire" of Chanticleer Hall) Mr. Furneaux Cook
(Sir John Bantam's nephew and heir, a London Gallant)
HARRY SHERWOOD (Geoffrey Wilder's friend) Mr. C. Hayden Coffin
JOHN TUPPITT (Landlord of the "Hop-Pole Inn") Mr. Edward Griffin
WILLIAM LURCHER (A Sheriff's Officer) Mr. Arthur Williams
TOM STRUTT (or TOM GRASS) (A Young Farmer) Mr. John Le Hay
DOROTHY BANTAM (Sir John Bantam's Daughter) Miss Marie Tempest
LYDIA HAWTHORNE (Her Cousin) Miss Florence Dysart
PHYLLIS TUPPITT (The Landlord's Daughter, in love with Tom Strutt) Miss Grace Huntly
LADY BETTY (A Spinster) Miss Florence Neville
MRS. PRIVETT (A widow) Miss Harriet Coveney

Synopsis of Scenery

ACT I -   The Hop Field, outside the "Hop-Pole Inn."
ACT II -   Chanticleer Hall, home of Squire Bantam.
ACT III -   The Round Coppice.

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