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No. 4 - Chorus - "Little Ladies in Distress"


Girls: Oh! dear me! What on earth are we to do?
For you see, all our plans have fallen through.
I should be very much obliged to you
If you'd pay attention
To the facts I mention,
For I've made all my clothes in such a mess.
I'm afraid that I've nearly spoilt my dress,
Do suggest what is best,
And try to aid
A little lady in distress.
Men: You must do exactly what you're told.
Girls: Yes, I know! But it's shocking,
It's my stocking!
Men: Oh! In the meantime you are catching cold.
Touch the tintinnabulator for the waiter.
Perhaps I'd better take it off,
And save you from a cold or cough.
Girls: Oh no, sir! that would hardly do,
Although it's very kind of you.
Men: Then how is this? 'twill serve to hide
What's going on the other side
Girls: Ah! that is a much better plan,
And stamps you as a gentleman.
Now although I was anxious, it is true,
Still, you know just the proper thing to do,
And I owe very many thanks to you.
For your kind attention to the facts I mention.
You've displayed such a lot of cleverness,
I'm afraid 'twas a trouble none the less,
You were so good, you know, and tried to aid
A little lady in distress!

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