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My Lady Frayle is a musical comedy in 2 acts with book and lyrics by Arthur Wimperis and Max Pemberton and music by Howard Talbot and Herman Finck. It opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, on 1 March 1916 where it ran for 121 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

Irene Browne
VERA DE VERE   (a Society Entertainer) Cicely Debenham
MRS. GRUNDY Jennie Armstrong
HONORIA   (with song) Gretchen Yates
  (her Daughters) {
Margot Joyce
Mona Finucane
Madge Compton
Phyllis Hughes
Ursula Felton
DICK BASSETT   (Ward of Lady Frayle) J. V. Bryant
THE CANON OF DORCASTER   (Brother of Mrs. Grundy) Courtice Pounds
LUCIFER D. NATION Cecil Humphreys
  (Footmen to Lady Frayle) {
Vernon Kingsley
Fred Creasey
WILLIAM WILCOX   (Butler to Lady Frayle) Arnold Richardson

MIDI Files

ACT I  -  Scene 1   -   A Room at King's Frayle.

  • No. 1 - Opening Chorus - "We are going into action with a glowing satisfaction, due to knowing our attraction for the wiliest of foes..."
  • No. 1a - Valse Melos
  • No. 2 - Song - Mrs Grundy and Daughters - "Nowadays one cannot be too particular in speech, so, my dears, attend to me;  try to learn what I can teach..."
  • No. 3 - Song - Wilcox - "Wilcox is my name, butler is my calling, which I find the same absolutely galling!  Up and down the stairs all day long I'm driven..."
  • No. 4 - Duet - Vera and Wilcox - "Love's a most deceitful thing, disappointment in disguise.  Young men's fancies in the spring you'll avoid if you are wise..."
  • No. 5 - Song - The Canon - "Claret is good of its kind,  Burgundy warms you within.  Elderly ladies I''ve known who could find comfort in teacups of gin..."
  • No. 6 - Duet - Duke and Virginia - "At Honeymoon Hotel!  There's nothing stiff or stupid.  It's built for two, say me and you, for three including Cupid! ..."
  • No. 7 - Song and Finale - "When woman's youth is lost, then farewell to love!  On one side she's lightly tost like a worn out glove.  Beauty flies on fickle wing..."

ACT I  -  Scene 2   -   Ballroom at King's Frayle.

  • No. 8 - Opening Chorus - "Perfect band and splendid floor, the Valse of Fascination;  how could one ask for more than such a combination? ..."
  • No. 9 - Song - Vera - "Men are always after me.  Why?  I never know!  Quite a crowd you'll always see, ev'rywhere I go!  Nuts and Colonels - subs and cubs..."
  • No. 10 - Chorus - "They're coming, they're coming, the ballroom is humming with throes of excited suspense;  they say she's the prettiest girl in the city..."
  • No. 11 - Song - Honoria and Sisters - "Hereditary qualities in children always show, but where a trace of Mother is in us I never know; and so it is not hard..."
  • No. 12 - Finale Act I - "Life was made for love and laughter, Love was made for maid and man,  Whatsoever follows after, catch and keep it while you can!"

ACT II   -   The Gardens, King's Frayle.

  • No. 13 - Opening Chorus - "Did you ever see such a perfect day and a perfect time of year?  Ideal weather for the crops and all the flowers.  We were asked to tea,"
  • No. 14 - Song - Vivien - "The sun is on the dew, the skies a lake of blue!  The world is rife with joy of life and laughter too!  The birds in chorus sing..."
  • No. 15 - Song - Wilcox and Girls - "When the modern girl gets going, when the flapper really flaps, well, there is not much worth knowing that she does not know..."
  • No. 16 - Song - Virginia - "Once a foolish maid walked beside her lover, hand in hand they went together;  happily they stray'd, blue the skies above her..."
  • No. 17 - Duet - Vera and Wilcox - "Would you care to settle? Where it is going to be? ... Oh! I bar the Registrar, Westminster for me! ... Shall we state the happy..."
  • No. 18 - Chorus - "What is all this? what is all this?  Something has got to be done!  Someone, they say, fainted away, staying too long in the sun..."
  • No. 19 - Finale Act II - "Oh, you bet they'll have a wedding day!  Roses all the way!  Crowds to shout 'Hooray!'  Then we'll get the organist to play..."

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