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No. 34 - Song - Fairfax - Molly mine


Fairfax: Here among the flowers,
Molly mine,
Minutes go like hours,
Shade or shine;
By the golden grating
Where you pine,
Idle I am waiting,
Molly mine.
Molly, Molly,
I have strayed in folly,
Far from you,
My darling true,
And left you waiting here;
Ah, forget and pardon,
Make my heart the garden
Where there blows
My English rose,
My Molly, Molly dear.
  You distrusted me girl,
Molly mine,
Turned a mimicted girl,
Fair and fine;
Now, too late the danger
You divine,
Captured by a stranger,
Molly mine.
Molly, Molly,
Played with like a dolly,
Just a toy
To be the joy
Of one you hate and fear;
That you shall be never,
Mine you are for ever,
True and tried
My English bride,
My Molly, Molly dear.

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