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No. 5 - Song - Betty - "Romance"


Betty: Though I am not so unwilling
Someone rather nice to wed,
Yet it isn't half so thrilling
As in novels I have read!
There, when walking out alone
You will meet a man unknown;
You dissemble, but you tremble,
For you know that he's your own!
It's romance at a glance, at a look,
When you fall in love in a book!
And you think at a wink of his eye,
I will win that man, or I'll die!
And it seems in your dreams any night,
You're a bride at his side all in white —
Though you hardly met him,
You cannot forget him —
You're in love at a glance, It's romance!
  Parents do not understand it,
When their daughter on the spot
Loves a pirate or a bandit,
So they tell her she must not!
Then come tears and fears and hopes,
Till the girl at last elopes,
Most confiding, softly sliding
Down a ladder made of ropes!
It's romance, and the chance of a life,
When a bandit makes you his wife!
It's the height of delight to be dear
To a bold and bad buccaneer!
Though his cause all the laws may condemn,
I declare that I care not for them!
If I could discover
Such a thrilling lover,
I would jump at the chance of romance!

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