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No. 14 - Song - Mary - "In Yorkshire"


Mary: Oh, London is really a wonderful town;
It costs a small fortune to buy a new gown.
You must wear tight boots on your poor little feet,
And you must put on gloves to go out in the street!
A hat and some curls on your head you must pin:
Really it seems such a sin!
We've a little more sense in Yorkshire,
Yorkshire, Yorkshire!
We never spend much on our dresses at all,
For there's food to be bought and our wages are small;
And that's why you see us in clogs and a shawl —
Lasses look fine up in Yorkshire!
  The Cockney will say in superior tone
That he reckons he knows all there is to be known.
If he goes on a journey he puts on such airs,
And spends a lot more than it costs him in fares.
He'll tip a chap sixpence to carry his bag,
Simply because it's a fag!
But we never do that in Yorkshire,
Yorkshire, Yorkshire!
A chap takes a ticket, excursion, third-class,
And he won't call a porter, he's not such an ass;
He tips himself sixpence and pockets the brass!
Sixpence is sixpence in Yorkshire!
  In London when paying an afternoon call
You pretty soon feel you're not wanted at all.
They'll say "How d'ye do?" and then hand you some tea
In a cup like a thimble, that's no use to me!
And there you must sit while the stuff's getting cool,
Feeling an absolute fool!
We've a much better way in Yorkshire,
Yorkshire, Yorkshire!
Supposing a friend should be calling on you,
You shout out "Come on, lass, there's tea on the brew!
So sit thysel' down for a proper owd do!"
We can eat a tea up in Yorkshire!
  The girls up in London are all very well,
But they just want to come down to Leeds for a spell.
Their manners are better than ours are, perhaps,
But still they don't know how to manage the chaps.
They'll say if a fellow should squeeze them too tight.
"Sir, you insult me, good night!"
But we never waste words in Yorkshire,
Yorkshire, Yorkshire!
If a young fellow is taking you out,
And you don't like the nonsense he's talking about,
You up with your hand and you give him a clout —
That's what we do up in Yorkshire!

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