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No. 19 - Chorus and Solo Dance - "Moon-Fairies"


Chorus: Over the dome and steeple
The moon is peeping,
The light of love and romance!
So come with us, moonlight people,
For day is sleeping,
And cannot see our dance!
Moonlight is azure and white,
Shadows are deep as the dead of night!
Midnight is revelry's noon.
We are the Masque of the merry Moon!
White stars far over us wink,
They won't tell, no matter what they think!
Morning will come all too soon,
So join the Masque of the merry Moon!
Gather together,
Birds of a feather —
Can you discover
Cloudlets that hover
Up in the blue above?
On each a hidden
Cupid has ridden
Hither to bless a lover!
Ringing in air is
Laughter and fairies,
Joy is tonight our King!
Swaying in dances
Light as our fancies
We are the moonlight fairies!
Once in a life the door
Of fairyland shows to mortals
Visions of flowers,
Palaces, towers,
Under the magic portals!
We have tonight, no more!
So let us not hold the boon-light,
Labour and sorrow
Come back tomorrow —
Joy only blooms in moonlight!
While we are dancing
Here in the glancing
Moonlight tonight!

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