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No. 1 - Opening Chorus


Bridesmaids: We're the bright and bridal bevy
Who have recently attended
As a setting to the beauty
Of the bashful bride;
But the labour wasn't heavy
And the task will soon be ended,
When another has the duty
To be at her side,
To be at her side,
Now the guests begin to tail off,
The champagne has finished flowing,
And the bride has cut the icing
On the wedding cake,
On the wedding cake.
So she comes to take the veil off,
And to change her dress for going
To a tailor-made enticing,
For the bridegroom's sake,
The bridegroom's sake.
1st. Bridesmaid: Now we must help you, dear, to change!
2nd. Bridesmaid: Doesn't it all seem very strange?
3rd. Bridesmaid: Going to life that's all unknown,
4th. Bridesmaid: Having a husband of your own?
5th. Bridesmaid: That's what a woman has to do,
6th. Bridesmaid: We may be getting married too,
All: Won't you be happy, you and he,
Going to Flacton, Flacton-on-Sea,
Flacton, Flacton-on-Sea.
Norah: Yes, it is strange, it really seems
Something I used to see in dreams.
If you should give a pinch or shake,
I should be single and awake.
Still, it's a dream I don't regret,
Pray do not try and wake me yet.
Bridesmaids: Dear little darling, may you be
Happy at Flacton, Flacton-on-Sea,
Flacton, happy at Flacton,
Happy at Flacton-on-Sea.

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