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No. 14 - Song - Harry - "I don't care."


Harry: Women are extraordinary beings!
Upon my word, I don't know what to think!
At one time they're annoyed because
we husbands are too fond of them,
At other times they're furious if we wink.
I've got into a pretty piece of trouble,
I don't know what to do or what to say,
I don't know whether p'rhaps I'd better
stay at home and drown myself,
Or go and have some lunch and run away!
I don't care!
Let her go and get into a temper
if she likes to, blow it!
Curse it! If that wretched uncle
Theodore should get to know it! oh!
I don't care.
  Women seem to have no sort of reason.
They like to think themselves so very good.
They say it's very wrong for us
to go and kiss a woman,
Why, they'd love to be that woman if they could.
I can't think why it is she gets so jealous,
I s'pose it's a great compliment to me;
But if she must be jealous,
can't she go off in the country,
And be jealous in some place where I can't see!
I don't care!
She gets angry just because
I have a very mild flirtation.
If she cares to, she can go and
kiss the whole male population;
I don't care.
  Ev'rything seems absolutely rotten!
What on earth's the use of having bills?
What's the good of motor cars
that go quite forty miles an hour,
And stop when they begin to go up hills?
What's the good of having indigestion!
What's the use of hats, or ginger-beer?
Just to give some silly ass,
who wants to sell some silly stuff,
The chance of making so much ev'ry year!
Oh! I don't care!
I simply hate the very thought
of any sort of social function,
I don't care if the Durbar's held
at Delhi or at Clapham Junction!
I don't care.

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