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No. 22 - Additional Song - Percy


Percy: When I gaze in this glass my reflections go back
To the time when I was a boy,
With curly brown locks and complexion of peach,
Mama's admiration and joy.
But the years have gone by and the rose in full bloom
Is shedding its petals so fast,
When I gaze in this mirror, I cannot tell why,
But I sigh for the days that are past, Ah!
Glass, glass, you let the years pass,
And remind me of flowers that die.
I was born like a cupid,
Now I simply look stupid,
Oh! fie, fie, fie!
  I claim as a lover my heart is as true
As any fine lad's in the land,
And as such I am willing to part with it now,
And offer my heart and my hand.
Of maids I've lov'd many, but they're all the same,
They say that their love cannot last.
They hold up a mirror 'twixt nature and me,
And I sigh for the beauty that's past, Ah!
Glass, glass, I do look an ass,
I'm absurd though I cannot tell why.
In this costume so scanty
I feel just like Dante.
Oh! fie, fie, fie!
  Now a bachelor life is the only one left
To a poor outside devil like me,
And I dream of the conquests I might have made once
If the fates had been kinder you see.
So I'll turn from the mirror and feign to be gay,
And away all reflections shall cast,
But I'll just drop a tear when my mem'ry comes back
To the beauty I've lost in the past, Ah!
Glass, glass, my hair looks like grass,
I've a good mind to paint my face black,
Then I'll go to Dahomey
Where no one will know me,
and not come back.
  Now I'm not p'rhaps as handsome as some people say,
Tho' my classical figure's admired.
Old Apollo was all very well in his way,
But of beauty I sometimes get tired.
But there's one little glass which no mirror can beat,
And I'm jealous when others would gaze
In its clear crystal depths which so truly reflect
The complexion I've not seen for days, Ah!
Glass, glass, I can't let you pass,
And I feel so confoundedly dry,
You're the one glass I'll back
That my features can't crack,
so I'll try, try, try.

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