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The Girl on the Film is a Musical Farce in Three Acts with book by James T. Tanner based on the original German musical comedy (Filmzauber) by Rudolf Bernauer and Rudolf Schanzer. It has music by Walter Kollo, Willy Bredschneider and Albert Sirmay and lyrics by Adrian Ross. It opened at the Gaiety Theatre, London on 5 April 1913 where it ran for 232 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

CORNELIUS CLUTTERBUCK   (A miller, Linda's Uncle) Mr. George Barrett
VALENTINE TWISS  (An old College friend of Max's, in love with Linda) Mr. Charles Maude
DODDIE   (Prompter at the "Vioscope" offices) Mr. Robert Nainby
GENERAL FITZGIBBON   (V.C., D.S.O., of the War Office) Mr. Grafton Williams
SERGEANT TOZER   (Commissionaire at the "Vioscope" offices) Mr. Reginald Crompton
LORD RONNY   (Secretary of the Army League) Mr. Arthur Wellesley
TOM BROWN   (The Defeated Candidate) Mr. William Stephens
MAX DALY  (A Cinema Author, Actor and Producer, the leading Mr. George Grossmith
  spirit of the "Vioscope")  
WINIFRED ("FREDDY")   (General Fitzgibbon's Daughter) Miss Emmy Wehlen
LINDA (Clutterbuck's Niece, Secretary to Max at the "Vioscope") Miss Madeleine Seymour
SIGNORA MARIA GESTICULATA (An Italian Cinema Actress) Miss Gwendoline Brogden
LADY PORCHESTER Miss Violet Wilson
Her daughters, friends of "Freddy"  
Miss Blanche Stocker
Miss Gladys Wray
Miss Florence Reade
MRS. CLUTTERBUCK Miss Irene Verona
EUPHEMIA KNOX   (Manageress of the "Vioscope") Miss Connie Ediss

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Offices of the "Vioscope," London.

  • No. 1 - Chorus - "All of our numberless cinema galleries, where any picture-shows are played, have to come here every year - this is where all of their films..."
  • No. 2 - Solo - Linda and Chorus - "Now that the noisy crowd has departed, our correspondence can be started!  They're gone now, go on now, we're waiting..."
  • No. 3 - Song - Euphemia - "People often call on me for a charity, at a matinée or fancy fair, or such-like;  and I'm always glad to aid, though I don't get paid..."
  • No. 4 - Song - Freddy - "I know that my father would rather far have had me a lad;  if I had not been a girl, you know, a splendid chance I'd have had..."
  • No. 5 - March Duet - Freddy and Max - "All down Bond Street I go walking, looking rather well; ... You can hear the ladies talking, 'Isn't he a swell?'..."
  • No. 6 - Finale Act I - "Carmen is done ... It is done! ... Wasn't it fun? ... Jolly fun! ... Do you not think we shall come out very well? ... Cannot tell! ..."

ACT II   -   The Mill, Poggleford, Lincolnshire.

ACT III   -   The Army League Soirée.


  • No. 23 - Song - Max and Chorus - "Come along with me, dear, and you'll quickly see, dear, quite the latest two-step in the town.  It is not too jerky..."
  • No. 24 - Song - Euphemia - "I'm tired of ordinary men in the orthodox pair of trousers, coat and socks;  they're all right to talk to now and then, but they're dull..."
  • No. 25 - Song - Max and Chorus - "Take a little girl from London, put her on a country lane;  she won't want to go for a year or so to London Town again..."

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