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No. 12 - Finale Act I


Chorus: How splendid!
We've ended our time of loneliness!
Each soldier lad at last is glad
A maiden to caress!
No maiden is laden with sorrow anymore,
In foaming beer we pledge our dear
Delightful Emperor!
Men: Order arms! Arm on shoulder!
Ladies: Boldness charms! So be bolder!
Men: Lips a-flame call for kissing,
Ladies: Take good aim, don't be missing,
Men: Lower beer, Drink it right up!
Ladies: More is here, drink and light up!
Men: From the right, fire a volley!
Ladies: What delight! Aren't they jolly?
Men: Charge again, we are ready,
Ladies: Bumpers drain! Hold them steady!
Men: Order mugs! Ammunition!
Ladies: Here are jugs in position,
Men: Form embrace! Oh! how tender!
Ladies: Forward face! We surrender,
All: Oh! what stars are the gallant Blue Hussars!
Max: Not a word, do you hear?
Must be heard, Tina dear,
You must heed, and tell none
Till the deed has been done!
I may be called away...
Clementine: You may!
Max: Upon my wedding day...
Clementine: Our day!
Both: So, hush! hush! mum! Silentium!
Clementine: Not a sign to a soul
Till you're mine at the goal!
You shall win Clemmy then
At the inn, The Red Hen!
So come, and don't be late...
Max: Not late!
Clementine: Bring our certificate.
Max: To date!
Both: So, hush! hush! mum! Silentium!
Otto: Little Princess of the little Red Hen,
If I go there, will you talk to me then,
Remember the glories of Grimm's fairy stories,
Pretend we're in Fairyland, heaven knows when!
Elsa: It's only an inn, is the little Red Hen,
Not half good enough for such grand gentlemen;
But, begging your pardon,
It has a nice garden,
And sometimes I walk there, till nine or till ten!
So come to the dear Red Hen!
I'll talk to you further then,
For under the trees, you say what you please,
By the Rhine, at the sign of the Hen!
We'll meet at the old Red Hen!
We needn't say how or when!
For there we shall stay, and both have a day
of the best, at the nest of the Hen!
Students: Although we've not a chance to dance,
We're bound to show our loyalty,
And greet the regiment, that's sent
By high Imperial royalty!
The patriotic zeal we feel
Amounts almost to mannia.
Freda: So hoch! says Alemannia!
Eva: And hoch! says sweet Saxonia!
Lina: And hoch! says bold Borussia!
Anna: And hoch! says Pomerania!
Chorus: Hoch! hoch! hoch! let us shout,
till ev'ry echo answers,
Hailing the Kaiser whose intent
Here has sent our regiment.
Hoch! hoch! hoch!
For the Blue Hussars are dashing dancers,
Men without faults,
Ready to waltz for Fatherland!
Max: My lovely girls, when in a row
You stand for me to scan,
I feel a tremor well, just so!
Brittlbottl: Ja, do I know that man!
Max: But when I left His Majesty,
He said, with ready wit,
Kiss all the college girls for me.
Brittlbottl: Nein, nein, I know not it!
Clementine: Such goings-on I will not stand!
Max: My child, it must be done,
By high Imperial command,
Clementine: Well then — but only one!
Max: (spoken) Now Clemmy dear!
Burgomaster:  (spoken) Captain Schnitzel, I will not allow you to carry on with my daughter;
Max: (spoken) Who are you to allow anything?
You're only her father! Arrest that man!
All: (spoken) Arrest the Burgomaster!
Max: (spoken) Arrest anybody!
Colonel: (spoken) Captain Schnitzel, I won't stand it,
you've got my room and I'm put in the garret.
Max: (spoken) How dare you, sir! Give me your sword,
go to your garret and report yourself to yourself as under arrest!
All: (spoken) Arrest the Colonel!
Max: (spoken) I will arrest you all if you don't mind.
Mitzi: Who's here? oh dear, oh dear!
That's the envoy from the Kaiser.
What a beauty, oh my eye,
Ha! ha! ha! Ha! ha! ha!
Really Max, it would be wiser
If you promptly did a guy,
Ha! ha! ha! Ha! ha! ha!
Tho' this trick that you have tried on
has been carried thro' with skill,
Ha! ha! ha! Ha! ha! ha!
Now you're putting too much side on,
I can show you up, and will;
Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!
Listen all, this man you harbour,
He is just a common —
Max: I can show people up too,
Who are you?
Chorus: Who are you?
Mitzi: Tho' so proudly he's behaving,
He's gone in for penny —
Max: Who's this girl that dares to speak,
Like her cheek!
Chorus: Like her cheek!
Mitzi: Who am I?
Max: Who and what?
Mitzi: I'm the mar —
Max: No, you're not!
Mitzi: Oh, I'm all in a whirl!
I'm the new college girl!
Chorus: She's the new college girl!
Max: Then take her back to college and advise her
Not to insult the envoy of the Kaiser.
College Girls: Hurrah! hurrah! for a comrade new
A jolly good girl, we can do with a few,
For she is the child of a noble line,
Margravine Elsa of Saxenierstein.
Mitzi: A beast of a name and it's all of it mine.
College Girls: Hurrah for Elsa of Saxenierstein,
Hurrah for Elsa, Elsa of Saxenierstein,
Max: Now, friends, depart, first giving one shout more
To greet the envoy of your Emperor!
All: The extra, the special, the envoy —
Praise him for his beneficial plan.
Let us strew the way with flowers
as a tribute to the powers
Of the Kaiser's right-hand man,
Of our noble Kaiser's right-hand,
Right-hand man!
Strew the way...
Basses: Let us strew the way with flowers
as a tribute to the powers...
[All: Of the Kaiser's right-hand man,
the Kaiser's right-hand man,
His right-hand, right-hand man!

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