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No. 16 - Trio - Mitzi, Max, and Otto


Mitzi: When you go over to London,
As lots of Germans do,
Otto: It's easy to know the way you must go,
Your German will pull you through!
Max: For if you want them to tell you
The way to Leicester Square,
Mitzi: You take off your hat, remarking like that:
"Sprechen Sie Deutsch, mein Herr?"
Otto (spoken): Sagen sie mir —
Max (spoken): 'E don't live 'ere no more.
E's got six months.
Mitzi (spoken): Aber bitte — bitte —
Max (spoken): Well, I don't mind if I do.
Two of bitter, you said, Miss?
All: Sprechen Sie Deutsch, mein Herr?
Passes you anywhere.
London people say, "Right, old pal!
Veev l'ongtonkety cordiale!"
If you've taken a hansom,
And the man wants double fare,
Don't make a row-- say with a bow,
"Sprechen Sie Deutsch, mein Herr?"
Mitzi: Perhaps you travel to Margate,
And in the afternoons,
Otto: You walk on the sands, and listen to bands
Performing the English tunes!
Max: And when the bandsmen have played you
Some patriotic air,
Mitzi: You hear from the chap who takes round his cap,
"Sprechen Sie Deutsch, mein Herr?"
Mitzi (spoken): Das ist a pretty song tune.
Vat calls himself it in English?
Max & Otto (spoken):
  Ve know him not —
Ve blay him only!
All: "Sprechen Sie Deutsch, mein Herr?"
Germany's ev'rywhere,
You will find on the English pier
German waiters and German beer!
Buy a present from Margate,
Say a mug of chinaware,
When you unpack, you see on the back,
"Sprechen Sie Deutsch, mein Herr?"

No. 17 - Dance - Albrecht & Kathie


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