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No. 20 - Duet - Mitzi and Max


Mitzi: Once in the window of a ham and beef shop
Two little sausages sat!
Max: One was a lady and the other was a gentleman,
Sausages are like that!
Mitzi: He fell a victim to her simple charm,
And her form he would have embraced.
Max: But a sausage, you see, never has any arm,
And the lady hadn't got any waist.
Both: What a pair of happy little sausages!
Theirs was a very pleasant fate.
So they snuggled up together
In the chilly winter weather,
Both on the same cold plate —
Well, it wasn't such a very cold plate!
Mitzi: One sad day those sausages quarrelled,
Ended was all their joy.
The reason was that she said she caught him winking
At a saucy little saveloy.
Max: "Pooh, my dear," said the gentleman sausage,
"You may think I'm a flirt? Well, I am!
But I've seen you sitting on the same bit of parsley
As that wicked old knuckle of ham!"
Both: What a pair of silly little sausages!
Theirs was a bitter, bitter pill;
For they very quickly parted
And it left her broken-hearted,
While he joined a bad mixed grill —
Yes, it really was a very mixed grill!
Mitzi: Long years after on a luncheon counter
Those little sausages met.
Max: She was engaged to the wing of a chicken,
But he hadn't got off yet.
Mitzi: Soon they were reconciled, and then, of course,
She consented to name the day.
Max: So the barmaid dressed her in a tissue-paper frill,
And the waiter gave her away.
Both: What a pair of jolly little sausages!
Nothing their happiness can dash.
And on any day you'll meet 'em,
For there's no one wants to eat 'em;
He calls her his own sweet mash —
So you see that they are sausage and mash!

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