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No. 25 - Supplementary Song - Mitzi


Mitzi: To hold my own with ladies high
Was always my ambition;
My constant thought has been how I
Might better my position.
But now that I've attained a height
Beyond my aspirations,
I do not think the pleasure quite
Comes up to expectations.
And I'm disappointed now because
I was happier as I was,
For I'm just a common little girl
As anyone can see;
Ladies can never never have
A better time than me.
When a rich girl meets a gentleman friend
There's a haughty "How d'ye do?"
But the common little girl
gets a great big kiss,
Now I think that's the best, don't you?
  I thought how grand when I went out
To take a little airing,
To know the papers raved about
The clothes that I was wearing.
Around my carriage men would stand
Nice compliments to pay me,
A chaperone would hold my hand,
Lest lovers should way-lay me.
But to sit like this in an old landau
Isn't quite what I bargained for.
For I'm just a common little girl,
I like to have my fling.
I never want to be attached
To someone's apron string.
When a lady goes out there's a chaperone
Who must look after her;
But the common little girl goes out on her own,
And she has a good time rather!
  In married life it isn't smart
For swells to have affections;
So quite nice couples drift apart
In opposite directions.
It may suit Lady Vere de Vere
Like this to be neglected;
But if 'twas me, I'd make it clear
That's not what I expected.
For what's the use of a husband who
Flirts with ev'ryone else but you!
Well, I'm just a common little girl,
I like to speak my mind,
I'll never let the matter pass
If my old man's unkind.
When a lady's vexed with her husband,
Well, she sulks for a week or more;
But the common little girl
with her common little fist
Gives his common old face what for!
  Though nice girls to the theatre flock,
They're frequently contented
To gaze upon a rival's frock,
And not the piece presented.
They retail scandal of the day
With ardour undiminish'd,
And when the curtain falls they say,
"Good gracious! is it finish'd?"
Then they murmur as they wander out,
"What was the stupid piece about?"
Well, I'm just a common little girl,
I do so love the play!
And other common little girls
Are like me, I dare say.
For a Duchess may sit in a private box
And pretend it's all a bore,
But the common little girl
in the gallery shouts,
"You're doing it fine. Encore!"

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