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A Greek Slave
I Should Rather Like To Try

Song No. 10
Music by Lionel Monckton


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SONG— Iris

Letty Lind as Iris

If I were the boy with the golden bow,
And a wing on either shoulder,
Who shoots with a dart that is all a-glow,
In a costume rather colder,
I'd have some fun with the girls of Rome,
And perhaps to just amuse them.
I'd bring them a choice of husbands home
With directions how to use them.

Would the men be bold
(As they are, I'm told)
And would all the girls be shy?
Though of course I've never tried
How it feels to be a bride,
I should rather like to try!

If I were a man (though the men declare
They're extremely glad I'm not one,)
A soldier I'd be with a sweetheart fair
For a soldier's always got one!
I'd march to war with a swelling breast
And the air of a hero dreamy
If only I knew that I look'd my best,
And that lots of girls could see me!

Oh the foe I'd whack
Till he hit me back
When I might begin to cry!
Though perhaps it isn't right
For a girl to want to fight,
I should rather like to try!


(After dance, exit Iris and Archias)

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