A Greek Slave
Dialogue Following Song No. 11 — Act I

(Enter Melanopis, and Nepia, and a few Slaves)

You are to prepare for an official visit from the Lady Antonia.
I don't know what preparations to make. Such grand people ought not to visit beneath them.
They never do — unless they want something.

(Enter Heliodorus)

Now don't forget. Diomed is to go away with the Lady Antonia.
You mean the statue, Heliodorus, Maia told me all about that.
Never mind what Maia told you. She means the statue. I meant the man. And don't make any mistake. Antonia thinks he is a god and is coming to fetch him away. You see that he goes away. I'm Master here.
Yes, of course you are and your orders shall be obeyed — I see exactly what you mean Antonia wants Diomed herself and she shall take him. (To Nepia and Slaves) The Lady Antonia is coming — get ready to receive her in state.
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