A Greek Slave
Dialogue Following Song No. 24 — Act II

Ah, Iris! You are too busy to make merry with the rest! I have been looking at you. Your features are more artistic in repose.
I only want you to be satisfied with them, Archias.
Yes, they are not bad. I could suggest a slight alteration of that dimple — but it's no great consequence.
I'm glad you overlook my little blemishes, Archias. You artists are so used to perfection.
But it must be a great satisfaction to a girl to be admired by an eminent sculptor. It disposes of all adverse opinions at once.

(Enter the revellers, also Curius, Flavia, Licinia, Sillius, Lollius and Cornelia, and Melanopis)

Is you mistress coming to see the slaves enjoy themselves, or is she still busy with her Eros?
He's a lucky man to have secured the affection that all these gentlemen were pining for.

(Men shrug their shoulders)

Perhaps he is not so lucky, after all. The Princess may get tired of him.
Serve him right for aspiring too high!
His pride may have a fall if he thinks too much of himself, like the frog in the fable.

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