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No. 8 - Duet - Reginald and Nix - "According how you take 'em."


Reginald: When I play the buccaneer
I'm a flier, never fear.
It's a manner as is easy of adoption!
My moustaches I will twirl
And I'll get the proudest girl.
Nix: Or you'll get one month without the option!
Reginald: They will never go so far
With an honest British Tar!
If they do it's quite an easy job to get out!
Or supposing as I stays,
Why, it's only thirty days.
Nix: When you've just got used to it you're let out!
When you've just got used to it they let you out!
Both: All the sentimental sex
Will be 'anging round our necks,
And Havana girls are pretty as they make 'em!
Reginald: If I ask the girls to wed,
They will do it on their 'ead.
Nix: It's just accordin' as you take the little beauties.
Both: It's accordin' to how you take 'em!
Reginald: I was always of the sort
As is great at manly sport,
I have been with earls as kept their shooting boxes.
Hares and rabbits I could floor,
Welsh or English by the score.
Nix: And I've heard you're great at potting foxes.
Reginald: I can tell you it is fun
When I go out with my gun
'Unting elephant, or crocodile, or pheasant.
You can come with me a bit,
Then you'll see what I can hit.
Nix: Well, I ain't so tired of life at present!
No, I ain't quite going in for suicide!
Reginald: When I'm going after snipe,
If you'll stand and smoke your pipe,
I will bet you half a dollar as I break it,
So you needn't care a hang
When my rifle goes off bang.
Nix: It's just accordin' as you take the blooming bullet.
Both: It's accordin' to where you take it!
Reginald: Now today we'll do the bars,
Taking drinks and big cigars,
Then we'll treat the little ladies as we care for.
Nix: When we've had a 'appy day,
Who is going for to pay?
Reginald: Why, the girls, of course,
it's what they're there for.
If the landlord is so rash
As to hint about the cash,
We will smash his blessed shop up for a warning.
Or we'l simply leave, perhaps,
Gaily waving of our caps.
Nix: Which will feel too small for us next morning!
Yes, they'll feel a size or so too small for us!
Both: Since the weather here is hot,
And you cannot say it's not,
We must wet our throats or else the sun will bake 'em!
Nix: When I've had my twenty-four
I don't seem to taste no more.
Reginald: It's just accordin' as you take 'em neat or lemon.
Both: It's accordin' as how you take 'em!

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