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A Chinese Honeymoon is a musical comedy in two acts by George Dance, with music by Howard Talbot and additional music by Ivan Caryll and others, and additional lyrics by Harry Greenbank and others. The piece opened at the Theatre Royal in Hanley, England, on 16 October 1899 and then toured extensively. After that, it played at the Royal Strand Theatre in London, managed by Frank Curzon, opening on 5 October 1901 for an astonishing run of 1,075 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

HANG CHOW   (Emperor of Ylang Ylang) Mr. Picton Roxborough
CHIPPEE CHOP   (Lord Chancellor) Mr. E. Boyd-Jones
HI LUNG   (Lord High Admiral) Mr. Percy Clifton
TOM HATHERTON Mr. Leslie Stiles
MR. PINEAPPLE Mr. Lionel Rignold
(Mrs. Pineapple's Bridesmaids) {
Miss Fay Wentworth
Miss Blanche Thorpe
Miss Rosie Edwardes
Miss Florence Burdett
MRS. BROWN   (The Official Mother-in-Law) Miss M. A. Victor
(Soo Soo's Maids of Honour) {
Miss Jessica Lait
Miss Fanny Wright
MI MI   (A Waitress) Miss Madge Temple
SOO SOO   (The Emperor's Niece) Miss Beatrice Edwards
MRS. PINEAPPLE Miss Marie Dainton
FI FI   (Waitress at Hotel) Miss Louie Freear

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Gardens of the Hotel at Ylang Ylang.

ACT II   -   Room in the Emperor's Palace.

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