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No. 1 - Opening Chorus


Ladies: Beautiful Biarritz stands,
On the shores of the mighty Atlantic,
Balmy and free are its sands,
And its neighbourhood highly romantic,
Men: Members of every nation
Ladies:   nation,
Men: Come for refined recreation,
Ladies:   recreation,
All: Bathing at ten, women and men,
Luncheon at noonday, and walk till then.
Golf entices many votaries,
Dear to some the merry motor is,
Those who vaudeville or play adore,
Find a programme always full.
Some whose taste we think a nasty 'un
Go by train to San Sebastian,
Basses: Where they see the bold Toreador
Neatly pink the Spanish Bull.
All: Tra, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
Ladies: Beautiful Biarritz frowns
Such a cruel amusement to banish,
Pure as the sea are its downs
From the popular sport of the Spanish.
All: Here we are out of the world and its Babels,
Out of the way of American cables,
News, we confess, interests less
When we read it in yesterday's press.
Scandals have lost their attractions and powers
After twenty-four hours.

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