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No. 2 - Song - Edith - "Look Aloft."


Edith: The world and all that's in it
Will only last a minute;
Its golden gain is void and vain
The moment that you win it;
So let not this world smother
The glories of the other
But lift your eyes
To seek the skies
And look aloft, my brother!
In peril oft —
Baron & Plantagenet: In peril oft —
Edith: Oh, look aloft!
Baron & Plantagenet: We'll look aloft!
All: Away from earth my brother.
Edith: The world is dark and dreary,
The pilgrim wanders weary
In gloomy night, without a light
To shed its radiance cheery.
Oh, then, from darkness turning,
The wise and the discerning
Through midnight deep
Must try to keep
Their lamps for ever burning.
In dark and damp —
Baron & Plantagenet: In dark and damp —
Edith: Oh, light the lamp!
Baron & Plantagenet: We'll light the lamp!
All: And keep it ever burning.

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