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British Musical Theatre   My Lady Molly

No. 8 - Trio - Mickey, Lady Molly & Hester - "Wear 'em wid an air."


Mickey: Wear 'em wid an air,
Hat an' boots an' them things.
Swear a little swear,
Rip an' curse an' dem things.
Fiddle wid yer sword,
Look as fierce as Hades,
Have answers for my lord
An' kisses for the ladies,
Then ye'll do, then ye'll do.
Molly: Well, I'll do my best.
No one must discover
That I've only dressed
Thus to catch a lover.
Note if I'm erect
And if my stride is martial
And my bow —
Mickey: Correct.
Hester: Watch mine and be impartial.
Molly & Hester:  Shall we do?
Mickey: Yes, ye'll do.
All: For a masculine stride should be free like this,
Though a lady's is small as she'll make it,
And a gallant must know how to give a kiss
And a lady need only take it.
Our deeds and our swords must be ready enough
To support ev'ry borrow'd credential,
And we mustn't sneeze after taking snuff,
So we'll practice it, that's most essential.

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