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British Musical Theatre   My Lady Molly

No. 30 - Finale Act II


Molly: But today,
Alice: Yes, today...
Both: Hope blossoms anew
And the weary days were not all in vain
That brought me back to you.
Chorus: To you and our hearts are singing a song
As blythe...
As blithe as a lark would sing,
For the winter was dark and long,
But this is our dawn, our dawn of Spring.
Here ends a story of fair romance
In wedding feast and in wedding dance,
Each loving lady hath found a mate,
The parson's wondering why we wait.
The air's astir with the breath of love,
The former foemen are hand in glove,
'Tis fair romance that endeth well,
Hark to the peal...
Hark to the peal of the Coverdale bell.

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