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No. 19 - Duet - Mdme. Brioche and Bobinot - "Babette and Bobinot"


Mdme. Brioche: When the silver moon was shining,
We would roam in silence sweet.
Bobinet: Love around our young hearts twining
Like the brambles round our feet.
Mdme. Brioche: Overhead the night jar twittered,
In our faces flew the bats;
Bobinet: Dainty ankles and rather neat hose
Always seem to attract mosquitos,
Not to mention gnats.
Still, when your heart with rapture sings,
Who minds bites or stings?
(From wopses, bees or hornets)
Both: Babette and Bobinot
Out walking used to go,
Bobinet: I always strode along like that,
While you went pit-a-pat by the side of me!
Mdme. Brioche: If it came on to rain,
Hail, sleet or snow,
Both: Still, nothing could upset
Two lovers like Babette and Bobinot!
Mdme. Brioche: Oft the happy spring time made you
Burst into a song of joy.
Bobinet: Then I'd come and serenade you
Like a merry minstrel boy.
Mdme. Brioche: You'd a voice of wondrous beauty
Full of tender charm and grace;
Bobinet: Was there ever its equal? Ah, no!
It was something between soprano
And a mezzo bass.
Neighbours who heard my top B flats
Threw old boots — dead cats —
(And emptied jugs of water)
Both: Babette and Bobinot
Adored each other so,
Bobinet: Under your window in the spring
I would warble and sing like a nightingale,
Mdme. Brioche: Though slightly off the key
You used to go,
Both: I'm sure no dicky birds
Could sing in minor thirds like Bobinot.
Mdme. Brioche: In the golden summer weather
When the year was at its full,
Bobinet: Strolling through a field together
We met such a nasty bull.
Mdme. Brioche: First it snorted, then it bellowed,
Than it started giving chase;
Bobinet: Something startled it, I presume, dear,
Do you think it was your costume, dear?
P'raps it was my face.
We toddled off towards the gate
But were just too late
(The bull was such a sprinter)
Both: Babette and Bobinot
Sky high! they had to go,
Bobinet: You came down soft but I fell hard
Upon something that jarred my anatomy!
Mdme. Brioche: Next morning I was bruised
From top to toe,
Both: When sitting down to meals
You should have heard the squeals of Bobinot.

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