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No. 22 - Duet - Denise and Comte - "Better Late than Never"


Comte: Long I have tried to hide my tender passion,
Though I've yearned to tell my love to you.
Denise: I, more or less, could guess in girlish fashion,
Still, I don't quite see what I could do.
Comte: Now I will hide my love no more;
You are the one whom I adore.
Denise: Well, you might have spoken before.
Both: Still, better late than never,
You and I agree;
Though for a long, long time we've tarried,
Now very quickly we'll get married.
Happiness shall ever hold our hearts in thrall,
Denise: I have wondered, week by week, Sir,
Were you ever going to speak, Sir,
Both: Still, better late than never at all!
Comte: Since you agree with me to spend your life, dear,
All the world seems full of radiant bliss.
Denise: Isn't it late to wait till I'm your wife, dear,
Ere you think of giving me a kiss.
Comte: That's what I've always wanted so,
I was afraid you might say "NO!"
Denise: Well, you've been uncommonly slow!
Both: Still, better late than never,
You and I agree;
Now that the joys of life we've tasted,
Think what a lot of time we've wasted.
Never mind, what ever other duties call,
For the most important this is,
To have lots and lots of kisses,
And, better late than never at all!
(Kiss) Better late than never at all!

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