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No. 24 - Duet - Rosa and Tommy - "Mummies"


Tommy: Oh, if you please, I'm Rameses,
I'll take my oath of that!
Rosa: And I'm his true Queen Hatasu,
The accent on the "hat"!
Tommy: We lived in style beneath the Nile
And ruled the coast around;
Rosa: And then we were put up in myrrh
At seven-and-nine the pound!
Tommy: They wound us up in linen thus,
I'll show you how they did,
Rosa: We slept in our sarcophagus
Inside a pyramid!
Tommy: And now we're waken'd up again
In the nineteenth Century —
The Twentieth as some maintain,
But I don't care A. D.
Rosa: We want to change our present dress
For a style that's modern and free,
Although it was a great success
Two thousand and odd B. C.
Both: So round and round we got unwound
With a movement solemn and slow.
As suits a Queen and King that have been
Four thousand years ago!
Excuse us if our limbs are stiff,
For they were not formerly so;
Our joints would act when we were packed
Four thousand years ago!
Rosa: I find it strange to see the change
In this Egyptian land,
Tommy: The nations say that things today
No fellah can understand!
Rosa: The English hold the land controll'd
And spend enormous sums.
Tommy: In lordly style they dam the Nile
And anything else that comes.
Rosa: In perfect swarms the tourists come
To ev'ry spot and nook;
Tommy: Though Kitchener has gone with some
Yet more arrive with Cook!
Rosa: With English ladies' ev'ning dress
I'm tolerably content,
Although you'll see us wearing less
Upon our monument!
Tommy: But modern dances are a sport
That is not attractive to me,
We'll show you how we danced at Court
Two thousand and odd B. C.
Both: So round and round we pace the ground
In a measure stately and slow,
We don't forget our Court etiquette
Four thousand years ago!
You note, perhaps, a trifling lapse,
But the cause is easy to know,
We had to stop our latest hop
Four thousand years ago!

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