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No. 15 - Song - Hashimoto - "The corner of my eye"


Hashimoto: I haven't got a handsome face,
It's plain enough, I know;
I'm sure it wouldn't get a place
In any beauty show,
But in this quaint old face of mine,
There's something all the same,
A soulfulness you can't define,
A charm without a name!
Beauty isn't ev'rything,
As the saying goes;
Many a tender heart may beat
Behind a crooked nose!
I may not be beautiful
But ladies don't deny
That I've got a little something
In the corner of my eye!

At sentiment I always laugh,
So I set out to woo
Not merely for a better half,
But better quarters, too.
I couldn't talk romantic stuff,
But still I did my best,
For she had principle enough
To give an interest.
Beauty isn't ev'rything.
Never wed in haste.
Many a thrifty soul may lie
Behind an ample waist!
In the bank I'm told she's put
A little something by,
And I've got that little something
In the corner of my eye!

I quarrell'd with an English tar,
Some little time ago;
I thought he went a bit too far,
And promptly told him so.
I've had some very nasty shocks
At times by land and sea,
But when he made "the British box,"
He put the lid on me!
Beauty isn't ev'rything,
Look how quick it goes!
Many a lost Adonis lies
Beneath a broken nose!
I saw forty thousand stars
Go shooting through the sky
When he put a little something
In the corner of my eye!

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