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Additional Duet - Suki and Mitsu - "Suki & Co."


Mitsu: If trade goes on increasing
Each season more and more,
We'll turn our bus'ness into
A Universal store.
Suki: Where you can buy all sorts of things
As pictured in our catalogues,
From waterproofs to wedding rings,
From geisha girls to golliwogs.
Both: All the high class folk will come
To our great Emporium.
Fine big plate/glass fronted shops,
Thirty in a row.
Suki: For special lines in underwear,
Or stockings eighteen yen a pair,
Both: Come to the old established firm
Of Suki and Co.!
Mitsu: An army of assistants
Will murmur ev'ry day,
"What can I show you, Madam?"
And "Kindly step this way!"
Suki: "The next department straight along
For cuckoo clocks and easy chairs;
Excuse me sir, you're going wrong,
The Turkish bath is down the stairs!"
Both: Things are pretty sure to hum
In our great Emporium,
Thousands of employees
Will bustle to and fro,
Suki: If they're insured, we shall feel sick
At having all the stamps to lick,
Both: Nice for the old established firm
Of Suki and Co.!

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