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No. 3 - Quartet - Lally, Spirit, Tippin and Ebenezer - "The Lamp"
Lyrics by Adrian Ross


Lally: Let us fly upon the wing
Of the Spirit of the Ring,
Tho' the enterprise has something that is mad in,
But I'll try the cavern shady
For a chance to win my lady
By the wonder working Lamp of Aladdin.
Ebenezer: You're at liberty to brave
All the terrors of the cave
It may prove a place the air is rather bad in.
But I will not let a dapper
Little silly whipper-snapper
Keep the wonder working Lamp of Aladdin.
All: We're off to find the wonder,
That's buried under some Oriental store,
He who secures the treasure
Can do his pleasure
And perhaps a little more.
Each swears to help the others
As trusty brothers
In our united camp.
Oh, joy, delight and rapture,
If we can capture
Marvellous Aladdin's Lamp.
Spirit: Don't be frightened in the least
And I'll take you to the East,
To a palace you can revel and be glad in.
You'll be better off than here as
You are drinking wine of Shiraz,
From the cellar of the house of Aladdin.
Tippin: Let me get a pair of socks
And a collar from my box,
Just to freshen up the things that I am clad in.
I'll have rubies on my best coat,
And a pearl and diamond waistcoat
When I come upon the Lamp of Aladdin.
All: Goodbye to grimy London,
We've ev'ryone done
With all its dust and noise.
We're in for Eastern splendour
That no West-Ender
Ever in his life enjoyed.
We won't go off by boat, or
A Vanguard motor,
Nor will we have to tramp.
Hold tight and let me/her go it,
Before we know it
We shall find Aladdin's Lamp.

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