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No. 5 - Duet - Lally and Princess - "The Dream of You."
Lyrics by Adrian Ross


Lally: When first I looked at your face, Princess,
In a golden miniature case, Princess!
I vowed as your fervant adorer and servant
To find you, and then confess, Princess,
You guess, Princess?
Princess: I never saw you before, you know,
So I can't say much on that score, you know!
But I've an impression your candid confession
Should wait for a week or so, you know,
That's so, you know!
Both: (Lally's words)
  Just to be near you,
Only to hear you,
If I do not intrude,
Will be beatitude,
All the day through, nothing to do,
But listen and dream of you, Princess!
I live in a dream of you!
Lally: Then if I win to my aim, Princess,
Of wealth and fortune and fame, Princess!
I'll ask you to take it some day and to make it
The frame of your loveliness, Princess,
Say yes, Princess!
Princess: Your visions bright as they seem, you know,
Perhaps are only a dream, you know!
And then in the morning you wake without warning,
And where do the visions go, you know?
That's so, you know!
Both: Morning may/will banish
Visions that vanish,
And all your/my hopes may fly.
As clouds across the sky!
(her words) Yet if they do melt in the blue,
Sometimes I may dream of you, you know!
Perhaps I may dream of you!
Lally: If you can care for me still, Princess,
The world must bow to my will, Princess!
I'll build for my treasure a palace of pleasure,
And make you a Queen, no less, Princess,
Ah! yes, Princess.
Princess: I'd like a Crown and a Throne, you know,
And all the world for my own, you know!
So win if you can, Sir, and then I will answer,
And tell you what time will shew, you know,
Just so, you know!
Both: (Princess's words)
  Now you begin, you
ought to continue,
For in a fairy tale,
The Prince must never fail!
Dreams may come true, sometimes they do,
Good luck to your dreams and you, you know!
Your wonderful dreams and you.

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