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No. 17 - Song - Lally - "I'm Lally"
Lyrics by Adrian Ross


Lally: If you would like to lead the fashion
Of quite the swellest set,
And rouse a wild and hopeless passion
In ev'ry little girl you've met,
You copy me from shoes to hat,
Wear coats like this, and shirts that that,
And what's-his-names, and so-and-so,
And then you will be the latest go!
For I'm Lally, just Lally,
The idol of tailor and valet;
All the dashing young bloods
When selecting their studs
Have to understudy Lally!
Yes, with Lally, just Lally,
In all your get-up you must tally,
Then in splendour sublime
You will have the best time
Of your gay young life with Lally.

If you would fascinate the ladies
With your delightful smile,
Till ev'ry pretty little maid is
In love with you at half a mile,
You give a look, or blow a kiss,
You sigh that that, you wink like this,
And so to speak, and you know what,
And then you will captivate the lot!
For I'm Lally, just Lally,
Beloved of Mayfair and the ballet;
And the Gibsonest girl
Would desert any earl
For a chance of charming Lally.
And with Lally, dear Lally,
The star of the season would dally,
From the light of the lime
She would fly for the time
Of her sweet young life with Lally.

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