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No. 19 - Duet - Princess and Genie - "Oh, Pan!"
Lyrics by W. H. Risque


Princess: I want to tell something to someone,
And there's no one about that I know,
So I think, Mister Pan,
It might be a good plan
If I told it to you.
Genie: Here's a go!
Princess: You're only a bust and a dumb one,
But you look so content with your lot,
And your smile is so kind
And your style so refin'd
I'll pretend you're alive.
Genie: I'll pretend that I'm not.
Princess: Oh, Pan! Dear Pan!
Can't you guess what I'd say, can't you think,
Your eye looks sly
I declare that was almost a wink.
You know? Whisper low,
Genie: You're in love,
Princess: Yes, that's so,
I'm in love, he's a charming young man.
He's in love with me too,
I'm so happy, aren't you, dear Pan.
Princess: You're dying to ask me a question,
You want to know who it may be,
Well, I'll tell you, dear Pan,
He's a charming young man,
Genie: I do hope she's referring to me!
Princess: Of his name you won't get a suggestion,
You may beg on your knees, if you please,
But I won't even trust
And inanimate bust.
Genie: And she knows that a bust
Can't go down on its knees.
Princess: Oh, Pan! Dear Pan!
Let's suppose, just suppose you were he.
My face I'd place
just as closely to yours as should be,
Then you know, whisper low,
Genie: Vows of love?
Princess: Yes, that's so,
Vows of love between maiden and man.
Just one kiss, perhaps two,
Don't you wish it was you, poor Pan.

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