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No. 27 - Duet - Lally and Tippin - "Down Where the Vegetables Grow."
Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Leslie Mayne


Lally: We are only 'umble costers and uneducated chaps,
But the things as we 'ave thought of would surprise you all, perhaps,
Tippin: For we may be in the know at times and then again we mayn't,
But we see a bit of what is what and likewise what it 'aint!
Both: Yes, we're clever fellows down in Covent Garden,
And you'd never guess the things we come to know,
Tippin: Oh, I tell you straight and plain,
There's a lot of human brain
Both: Down where the vegetables grow!
Lally: Now and then we get a paper and we read about the jaw,
When the silly 'Ouse of Commins is debating of a law!
Tippin: But there's 'ardly any of 'em as will say just what they mean;
If you merely shouted "Liar" then there's what they call a scene!
Both: You should send the members down to Covent Garden,
We would teach 'em how to speak before they go,
Tippin: If you're fond of manly talk
You had better take a walk
Both: Down where the vegetables grow!
Lally: There 'as been a lot of talk about some pretty little pets,
There are anxious for to suffer, so they call them Suffragettes,
Tippin: And they scratch the Bobbies' faces, and they flop about and shriek,
And they always go to prison when bound over by the Beak!
Both: If we caught a Suffragette in Covent Garden,
Well, she wouldn't get no bloomin' votes, what ho!
Tippin: We would feel inclined to shy
A tomato in her eye,
Both: Down where the vegetables grow!

No. 28 - Dance


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