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No. 9 - Duet - Caroline and Meakin - "Fancies."


Caroline: The cuckoo is calling aloud to his mate,
The turtle dove coos in its nest;
Meakin: Its nest!
Caroline: And oh! I am longing to meet with my fate
Whose photo lies hid in my breast.
Meakin: Her breast!
Caroline: Ah, will he be tender and loving and sweet
To one so unworthy as me,
And fondle me much as I sit at his feet,
Or sometimes, perhaps on his knee!
Meakin: Sometimes, perhaps on his knee!
Caroline: Life is a pudding,
Life is a plum.
Into my brain, now and again,
Fancies like this will come.
Often I wonder,
Hour after hour,
When with my thumb I pull out a plum,
Will it be sweet or sour?
Meakin: The sunbeams are wooing with tender caress
The blossoms that aren't in the shade.
Caroline: The shade!
Meakin: The dragonfly, in an extravagant dress,
Keeps buzzing a sweet serenade.
Caroline: Serenade.
Meakin: There's love in your heart and there's love on the breeze,
There's love 'mid the flowers that bloom;
There's love 'neath the shade of the whispering trees,
Oh, love takes up far too much room!
Caroline: Love takes up far too much room!
Both: Life is an omelet;
Life is an egg.
Oh! what a true practical view,
Listen to me, I beg,
Excellent cooking will not avail;
All will depend on this in the end,
Is the egg fresh or stale?
Will it be sweet or sour?

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