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No. 25 - Octet - "Off to the Ball."


Meakin: Oh dear! have you heard of it?
There's a ball we ought to see.
Zelie: I knew not a word of it,
Tell me what it is to be!
De Cassignat: All white you must wear at it,
Please yourself about the rest!
Caroline: Then I will be there at it,
I'm already underdress'd!
All: We're going to see the famous ball
In white, tonight!
We hope they will think of sending all
the right invite!
Many a girl is sure to go
Dress'd as a fleecy flake of snow,
Won't she be melted then you know,
Not quite, tonight!
I'll/She'll go as a moonbeam all aslant,
so bright and light!
And I/he as a big white elephant,
All right and tight.
I'll/He'll be a plaster cast or bust,
I'll/He'll be a miller white as dust,
I'll/She'll be a miller's daughter, just
Tonight, in white.
Zelie: Oh my! how delightfully
I shall flirt with all the men!
2 Seconds: Some girls will be frightfully
Jealous if they see you then!
Zaccary: I'll take the Princesses on,
That's the sort to touch my heart!
Lydia: Come then, get your dresses on,
Or we all shall miss the start!
All: We're off to the great and splendid ball
Tonight, in white!
The cream and the crown of Carnival
When quite at height!
Some will be dress'd as White Hussars,
All over ribbons, lace and stars,
Gallant and gorgeous sons of Mars,
Who fight at sight!
I'll/She'll go as a candle with a wick
Alight tonight.
Then I'll/He'll be the china candle stick,
What bright delight!
I'll/He'll be the summer cloud of dew,
Up in the sky extremely blue,
Possibly that may just show through
The white tonight.

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