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The Pearl Girl is a musical comedy in three acts with book and lyrics by Basil Hood and music by Howard Talbot and Hugo Felix which opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London on 25th September, 1913 where it ran for 254 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

THE DUKE OF TRENT Mr. Harry Welchman
ROBERT JAFFRAY   (his Land Agent) Mr. Jack Hulbert
MR. JECKS   (Manager of the Palmyra Pearl Shop) Mr. Lauri de Frece
(Directors of the Palmyra Pearl Company) {
Mr. Edgar Stanmore
Mr. Duncan Tovey
Mr. Sebastian Smith
MR. HOPKINS   (Head Assistant at the Shop) Mr. Harry Ray
BYLES   (Messenger and Odd Man at the Shop) Mr. Alfred Lester
(Friends of the Duke) {
Mr. Reginald Sharland
Mr. T. Bryce-Wilson
MR. PRINGLE   (a Society Journalist) Mr. H. V. Tollemache
JAMES OGILVIE   (Chief Officer, R.M.S. "Parana") Mr. Rix Curtis
HIGGINS   (a Derbyshire Rustic) Mr. George Elton
ERNEST   (the Duke's Footman) Mr. Reginald Andrews
AGATHA, DUCHESS OF TRENT   (Mother of the Duke) Miss Dorothea Temple
LADY BETTY BIDDULPH   (the Duke's Sister) Miss Cicely Courtneidge
MADAME ALVAREZ   (of Argentina) Miss Marjorie Maxwell
(Assistants at the Pearl Shop) {
Miss Violet Blythe
Miss Violet Crompton
MIRANDA PEPLOE   (Secretary and Typist) Miss Iris Hoey

Musical Numbers

ACT I  -  Scene 1   -   In the Dukeries (a district in the county of Nottinghamshire.)

ACT I  -  Scene 2   -   Palmyra Pearl Premises in Bond Street, West London.

  • No. 5 - Entrance of Pearl Girls - "We are the Pearl girls of Palmyra fame!  At ten o'clock we muster, arrayed from top to toe in pearls of lambent lustre, to wander..."
  • No. 6 - Song - Hopkins and Chorus - "Listen to a shop-man on the topic of his trade, and forgive him if the subject doesn't drop;  for a shop-man is a showman..."
  • No. 7 - Duet - Miranda and Jecks - "Are you capable of crossing to the Continent alone?  With the Channel steamer tossing, could you stand it on your own? ..."
  • No. 8 - Duet - Miranda and Byles - "O, ever since the world began has man's mistake been this:  to think a miss must take a man ... And not take man a-miss..."
  • No. 9 - Scena - "A multi-millionairess comes, the mistress of gigantic sums;  I think that we should welcome her as though a Royal customer! ... I think so too!..."
  • No. 10 - Song - Madame Alvarez - "O Pellegrina!  Pilgrim from a Persian sea!  Pearl that Cleopatra gave love-gage to Antony - Antony, her lord and slave..."
  • No. 11 - Finale - "Who is the gent? ... The Duke of Trent, your Grace, good ev'ning ... Though my agent has told you that I would have sold you a building site..."

ACT II   -   Hurlelagh.

ACT III   -   River Place.

  • No. 20 - Opening Chorus and Dance - "Lithe as a lily and sweet as a rose, oh, she is entrancing!  Light as a fairy that twirls on her toes, lantern'd by the moon..."
  • No. 21 - Song - Jecks and Chorus - "When I walk'd into Selfridge's I felt supremely sily, surrounded by frivolities all feminine and frilly.  The girl behind the counter..."
  • No. 22 - Duet - Lady Betty and Jaffray - "When you talk to perfect strangers, have you ever found ... Have you ever found ... there are many hidden dangers..."
  • No. 23 - Song - Byles - "When a chap 'as made 'is choice, same as me and my Mirander, he should let 'er 'ear 'is voice singin' under 'er verander..."
  • No. 24 - Duet - Miranda and Duke - "William was a Footman ... Mary was a maid ... Said William: 'I am suited here till she leaves!'  Mary swept the carpets..."
  • No. 25 - Finale Act III - "Hè hè hè, hèjà, hèjà, jé!  Don't ever run away, we hope you've come to stay!  Hè hè hè!  Where you stroll or stay, you shall hear..."

Page from The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, 25 October 1913.

Pages from The Sketch, 15 October 1913.

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