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Mr. Popple (of Ippleton) is a new and original comedy with music in three acts written and composed by Paul A. Rubens. It was produced at the Apollo Theatre, London on 14 November 1905 and subsequently transferred to the Shaftesbury Theatre where it closed on 5 May 1906 after 173 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

FREDDY POPPLE   (of Ippleton) Mr. G. P. Huntley
NORMAN POPPLE   (his Brother) Mr. Kenneth Douglas
GEORGE HENNAY   (a large Furnishing Man) Mr. W. Cheesman
HENRY DORING   (a Wine Merchant) Mr. Harold Eden
JACQUES KENYON   (a singer at the Charity Theatre) Mr. Leon Rennay
(Patrons of the Charity Theatre) {
Mr. Erskine Lang
Mr. Gregory Scott
HON. KERR BURETTA   (Secretary of the Magpie Motor Club) Mr. Charles Hampden
ALFRED   (Lift Attendant at La Bolero's Flat) Mr. Frank Perfitt
MAURICE   (Head Waiter at the Blitz Hotel) Mr. Morris Harvey
JOHN   (Waiter at the Blitz Hotel) Mr. S. Hughes
WILLIAM   (Waiter at the Kursaal, Wrexhill-on-Sea) Mr. B. Fraser
PLATT   (Servant to Freddy Popple) Mr. Lionel Victor
MRS. DORING Miss Marie Illington
MRS. HENNAY Miss Grace Dudley
VIOLET BRINTON   (Protégée of Mrs. Hennay) Miss Olive Hood
(of the Charity Theatre) {
Miss Violet Englefield
Miss Nancy Malone
Miss Mollie Ventry
Miss Sara Sydney
Miss Addie Marze
Miss Vivienne Evans
LOUISE   (Maid to La Bolero) Miss Coralie Blythe
LA BOLERO Miss Ethel Irving

Musical Numbers

ACT I   -   The Azalea Lounge of the Blitz Hotel, Piccadilly.   (Evening.)

ACT II   -   La Bolero's Flat, Fount Street, W.   (Next Afternoon)

ACT III   -   Outside the Ballroom of the Kursaal, Wrexhill-on-Sea - The Motor Carnival.   (Same Evening)


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