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No. 14 - Opening Chorus Act II


Men: We're the cream of courtly creatures,
Mighty mandarins,
Similar in form and features,
Like a row of pins;
But although when seen together
We're alike, perhaps,
Some may sport a yellow jacket,
Others enviously lack it,
Others wear a lofty feather
Nodding in their caps.
But the flow'r of the favour'd crop, crop, crop,
And the heights at which honours stop, stop, stop,
Is the crystalline sphere
That we carry up here,
It's the little round button on top, top, top!
Though our feathers and robes you lop, lop, lop,
And our jackets we have to drop, drop, drop,
We care not for that
If you leave us a hat
With a little round button on top, top top,
A little round button on top!
Ladies: We're a string of girls
Like the pearls
Of a necklace!
Coming in a band
By command.
Some of us could cry,
We're so shy,
Some are reckless,
For it feels so queer
To be here.
Little China ladies
Each of us dismay'd is
Having to chin-chin
With a mandarin.
Men: Introducing ladies
Quite an escapade is,
And appears a sin
To a mandarin.
All: Hush! here comes the Emperor.
All adore
On the floor,
With respect,
Lowly bow,
Knock your brow,
Lowly bow,
Knock your brow,
Now, now Kow Tow.

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