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No. 26 - Song - San Toy - "The Butterfly"


San Toy: A butterfly spreading his shining wing
Went fluttering forth in the golden spring;
He danc'd on a ray of the flaming sun,
And kiss'd the chrysanthemums one by one,
But presently out in the air there stray'd
The bright little fan of a Chinese maid,
And the giddy young butterfly promptly tried
To look at the face on the other side!
For he said: "In my blue
And my scarlet and yellow
It's perfectly true
I'm a very fine fellow;
A dandy who can,
Like any young man,
Run after a frock and a fan, fan, fan!"

Then hither and thither through grove and glade,
There beckon'd the fan of the Chinese maid;
Wherever it went on its witching way
The butterfly follow'd the sky-blue day.
For over the fan in its fall and rise
There sparkl'd a couple of dark brown eyes,
And they said in their eloquent language dumb,
"I love you, sweet butterfly! Come, come, come!"
And the butterfly thought,
"She's a dear little maidie!
I certainly ought
To oblige a young lady,
A mischievous miss
Who beckons like this,
May possibly give me a kiss, kiss, kiss!"

The vain little butterfly, puff'd with pride,
Flew close to the fan of the maid dark-eyed;
But oh! when he perch'd on its painted rim,
How warm was the welcome that waited him!
Before he could make a remark polite,
Two dear little fingers had seiz'd him tight,
While two little fingers produc'd a pin,
And right through his body that pin went in!
Then he panted: "I'm hurt!
It's behaviour shoddy
That pin to insert
In a visitor's body!"
Which can't be denied,
So the butterfly died
With a pin in his little inside, side, side!
With a pin in his little inside!

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