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Additional song (16) - San Toy - "It's nice to be a boy"


San Toy: Little China maids,
Till their beauty fades,
Must be hidden, must be hidden.
Talking with a man
By a social ban
Is forbidden, is forbidden!
That would never be
Good enough for me;
It's unpleasant, most unpleasant!
Therefore Miss San Toy
Will remain a boy
For the present, for the present!
For it's nice to be a boy sometimes,
And especially in Eastern climes,
Where a lady's great distress is
That she cannot show her dresses,
So it's nice to be a boy, sometimes!

I go out at nights
Flying painted kites
Round the city, round the city!
I can dare to greet
Any maid I meet
If she's pretty, rather pretty!
Where can be the hurt
If I choose to flirt?
Don't I rather, don't I rather!
Aged men will smile
Say it's just the style
Of my father, of my father!
Oh, it's nice to be a boy sometimes,
When you hear the merry midnight chimes,
And excuses are not needed
For your father knows what he did
When he used to be a boy, sometimes!

But I rather fear
That the time is near
For revealing, for revealing,
And I must confess
I'm a boy in dress,
Not in feeling, not in feeling!
There's an English youth
Who contriv'd the truth
To discover, to discover!
So I must avow
I'm a lady now,
With a lover, with a lover!
But it's nice to be a girl sometimes,
When a lover makes you pretty rhymes,
And the words that may be missing
He supplies by ardent kissing,
Then it's nice to be a girl sometimes!

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