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Additional song (17) - Li - "Me gettee out very quick"


Li: Life is a mousetrap open wide,
Man is the mouse what walk inside;
Woman the cheese
that mousee sees,
Cheese upsettee him till he died,
Man never mind that not care a pin,
Man seeey mousetrap, Man walk in —
Walk right in.
Man gettee in knock, knock, knock, knock,
Man gettee in like one o'clock,
Walkee up stairs,
Take off top hat,
See pretty lady sittee in flat,
Husband come along, great big stick;
Man gettee out very quick! quick! quick!

Man number one sized foolish gent,
Man standee up for Parliament,
Stand all day till leg givee way,
Not knowee one constituent,
Can't speakee word when him on legs,
Man findee face all cats and eggs,
Cats and eggs!
Man gettee in by one small vote,
Man wearee big fur overcoat,
Sittee in house one whole dam year,
Never say word except "Hear, hear!"
Ev'ry one say "him bit too thick" —
Man gettee out dam quick! quick! quick!

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